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Dispatch Radio is an outdoor adventure story podcast and media platform conceived in Boulder, Colo. At the heart of the show are personal stories from a wide variety of backgrounds and activities. It’s about bringing people together, sharing stories, finding common interests between different outdoor communities, and having a good time. Through our growing network of contributors (“dispatchers”), we cover the world of outdoor adventure and endurance sports through the eyes – and voices – of those who wander. The live show features a panel of outdoor enthusiasts along the Front Range of Colorado and special guests.
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Feb 27, 2017

Colorado Obstacle Racers is one of the most inclusive and positive athlete organizations in the state of Colorado.  This past weekend, tragedy affected the group.  Help us support them in this tough time.  

We also update you all on some pending and new developments in the public lands landscape.  This is a political development all recreation fans should get behind.

Also, what's new and what's coming on Dispatch Radio?  Listen to find out!

Feb 21, 2017

On this episode of Dispatch Weekly we chat a little about public lands, mostly because we have had so many amazing guests speak at a high level about the topic.  Also, our first trail review of many.   Join us weekly, but be sure to check out our big produced shows at!

Feb 6, 2017

Joe “Pale Thunder” Howdyshell is a jorts-wearing, whiskey-drinking, creative-swearing badass coach.

Owner of the Summit Endurance Academy, Head Coach of the United States Ski Mountaineering

Association National Team, and all around great guy.  We sit down with Joe and talk all thing Ski Mountaineering and really focus on beginners.

And, as usual, we talk about all that is going on in the great place we live this upcoming week.

Jan 30, 2017

From obstacle races in the Rockies in the middle of the winter to a celebration of running at a couple local events, this week is slammed with things to do for the adventurous minded, as usual.  There are also book signings and clinics on how to report powder more accurately.  Enjoy this week's Dispatch, and get out there!

Jan 21, 2017


Show notes

Professional rock climber (boulderer to be exact) and Boulder resident Paul Robinson joins us to discuss the world premiere of his new film, Uncharted Lines, which debuts at the Boulder Theater on Wednesday, Jan.  25. Host Scott Jones offers up a few events happening in Colorado over the next week, including a special Denver edition of Mappy Hour and a talk by local backcountry explorer and author Fritz Sperry.


Watch a trailer of Uncharted Lines

Read more about Paul on his website or climbing resume or this interview with him about his Boulder, Colorado, roots. Here's a cool article Outside Magazine did on one of Paul’s first-ascents.

Events previewed

Wednesday, January 25

Boulder: Premiere of climbing movie "Uncharted Lines" at the Boulder Theater. Every climbing reward comes at the cost of a potential risk, but when you are a climbing pioneer, driven by the unknown and unexpected, you are willing to risk whatever it takes for the chance to find the perfect first ascent. This untouched line is the ultimate prize for professional climbers Paul Robinson, Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods and Chris Sharma – four of the best climbers in the world who have each dedicated their lives to the sport of rock climbing. Told through five separate stories, Paul Robinson is the common thread that links each story together as he travels from Russia, to the southeastern United States, to Spain, to Zimbabwe, and finally back home to the Rocky Mountains, interacting with these three athletes along the way.

Denver: Mappy Hour at Denver Beer Co. - Matt Doyle (@FATMAP) will be hosting a roundtable about digital tools to use in the snow. From phone apps to watches to beacons and more! What inspires you to plan outdoor adventures? Which types of technology do you use while skiing? Which apps are the most popular? What kind of technology do you hope to see in the future?

Friday, Jan. 27

Nederland: Fritz Sperry Making Turns in Colorado’s Front Range The Movie. Join Fritz as he presents a movie about finishing his most recent guidebook "MakingTurns in Colorado's Front Range Volume 2: North of I-70". He also touches on avalanche awareness and safety issues along with some of his mistakes. There will be a raffle to benefit CAIC, followed by music from Nederland local and movie contributor Familydog Stringband. Tickets are $10 at the door and benefit CAIC and include a raffle ticket and beer from Upslope.

Fritz is touring Colorado with lots of upcoming events. Check out his website for details:

Sep 23, 2016

Colorado is an amazing place. This week we talk about what most Coloradans do for this sliver of time called Fall.  Adaptive athletes pushing the envelope and trail runners migrate to Estes Park.  Dispatch Weekly is all about what is going on in Colorado.

Sep 9, 2016

The Broncos kick off and so does the feeling of fall in our amazing Colorado.  We bounce around but keep you in the loop on all things adventure and all things Colorado.  

Sep 1, 2016

Dispatch Weekly is all about sharing the things we love to do and see in the beautiful state of Colorado.  This week we talk about ultra running in Steamboat, a film release in Denver, an amazing endurance attempt of Nolan's 14 and the Great Sand Dunes National Park.  

Whether you are new to Colorado or a seasoned adventure vet, we hope to share something you are into!



Aug 26, 2016

This week we share a cycling event in Golden, a beast of a Spartan in Breckenridge, and bring on the creator of a popular running website in Boulder and creator of the first annual event that couples trails and films in Boulder.


Dispatch Radio is all things Colorado every week.

Aug 19, 2016

Dispatch weekly will be a weekly show letting the world, and more importantly, the outdoorsy world in Colorado know what is going on in the most adventurous state in the U.S. It's short enough to listen while you putt he dishes away and full of enough action to book the next few weekends full of adventure.  When you aren't finding out what's coming up, be sure to find out what happened in our unique story telling platform of Dispatch Radio!